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Tuesday, 11 September 2012


Sometimes rain can make me productive

Drawn for my brother Adrian

Friday, 13 April 2012

A Potential Prayer in Poetic Prose

Do you know how spectacular you are?  That you are equal to every tree, animal, stream, stone and star?  That you are equal to me and I equal to you?  To every peasant, banker, politician, teacher, child, queen and monk that ever was, is and will be?  How does one look upon someone who is elated and someone who is deflated and say 'YES!  We are equal!', when they themselves project that they are elated and deflated respectively? 

Is it true what they tell me?  Or is it my own imagination and creativity, running freely, that tried to make a world where I am the inbetween?  Where I am normal?  Neither elated nor deflated.  Surely that means that I am trying to see myself as the perfect balance.  Perfection itself or nothing at all.  

If I could harness that creativity, I could ride into battle with my own eternity.  An eternity where there is no elated and deflated as there is no up or down.  There is no right and left.  There is no right and wrong.  Facing my own eternity would truly be facing myself.  

Imagine riding into war on the battlefield of eternity, riding your own soul, harnessing it's power and fighting for the just cause that is your perception of self and finding that your enemy is your true self.  In this eternity that has no laws be they biological or logical, physical or metaphysical.  Your thoughtd meet your emotions.  Your soul meets yourself.  

In this eternity there is no good and evil, laws or logic.  Where science cannot help you.  Prayer cannot help you.  You can face all the thoughts and voices in your head and finally you can see who you are.  

Who will be the part of you that stands triumphant and is able to return to face the world?  The world that put all of the thoughts and voices in your head that weren't yours in the first place.  Return as your true self.  The part of you that knows it is a part of the world, that has the ability to show someone else the way to discover their true selves.  

One by one we can all help eachother find our true selves, enabling the world to discover and become it's true self.  Balanced, pure and healthy.  If that happens then we can embrace, not face, our eternity together, as one.