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Friday, 17 February 2012

What For?

All of you look the same
No, not you
But those people
Clutching coffee in one hand
And my f**king, shaking soul in the other
More often than not their faces don't match their legs
Despite the fact that the entirety of their ensemble does
Faces of bottled sun bronze and legs of winter pale
Though the impeccable power suit looks intense as it rushes to nowhere
Tell me
Is it all looks at what you do?
Are brains required at all?
I'll bet the electronic pulses in your brain are the most monotonous electronic pulses ever
For when I observe you all
Busying your lives away
Things don't feel right inside
I think on some level a bit of me dies
But with it comes a sense of pride
As I am really glad I am me
That's me I said not you
Oh but I do like that bag with those shoes
I really truly do