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Monday, 19 March 2012

Poetry for Non-Humans

Poetry should teach all endangered animals how to text
And encourage all successful animals to give to charity
Poetry should teach elephants about yoga
And convince polar bears to try out sunbathing
Inspire badgers to wear waistcoats
And foxes to wear monicles
And let them meet up and go shooting on the weekend
Poetry should allow skunks to sleep in sock drawers
And birds to fly spaceships
Encourage whales to join opera houses 
And invite racehorses to take up golf in retirement
Teach zebras what spots are 
And dalmations about stripes
Make cheetahs play fair
And sloths to play chess
Encourage rabbits to listen properly
And hippos to cover their mouths
Tell donkeys the story of the cross
And let little frogs play hopscotch
Teach all birds to swim
And all fish to sing
And teach all ignorant human beings
The joy nature can bring